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Orientation Flight FAQ For Parents
Where to Purchase CAP Uniforms
New Cadets and Parents


Congratulations on joining CAP!  The following information should help you get started.  Please ask your fellow cadets for any additional help.  We want to get you up to speed and help you succeed in CAP.

Application:  You may attend as many meetings as you like before deciding to sign up.  We’d like you to be comfortable with the Squadron and CAP before you get any uniforms.  Each meeting in a month is different, so you may want to attend for an entire month before filling out an application.  When you are ready, let us know and we will get you the application.  You should not attend any field trips until you have a membership card and a uniform.

Uniforms and Supplies: Cadets wear Air Force style uniforms and must meet Air Force grooming standards for hair and jewelry.  CAP Manual 39-1 explains the uniforms and may be downloaded from the National CAP website.

Please check out this PDF that details more information, WHERE TO PURCHASE CAP UNIFORMS

The following places offer uniform supplies and other military supplies.  You can purchase name tapes, tags, rank insignia, ribbons and holders, clothes for CAP, and other items.

Service Dress Uniform (Blues):  After you receive your CAP ID, you will be able to order a shirt, pants, flight cap, and a belt from Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters for free.  The instructions for ordering uniforms will be attached to the application.  Trousers run small. Please order trousers two inches larger than the size you normally take. There are additional items you will need to purchase to complete the uniform.  You will need the following additional items:

  • Name Tag
  • Hat Device – see the supply sergeant
  • CAP cut-outs – see the supply sergeant
  • Black oxford dress shoes
  • Black socks
  • White T-Shirt

Battle Dress Uniform (BDU):  You will need the following items:

  • BDU pants, rip-stop, summer weight
  • BDU shirt, summer weight
  • Black (PLAIN) T-shirt (no writing, no pockets)
  • Name Tape
  • Civil Air Patrol Tape
  • VA Wing Patch
  • Reverse American Flag
  • CAP cut-outs
  • Black Jungle/Combat boots  For Sizing Jungle Boots: males order one size smaller than dress shoe size, females order 3 sizes smaller.  For Sizing Combat Boots: males order their dress shoe size, females order 2 sizes smaller.
  • BDU cap - For sizing caps: measure head circumference one inch above the ear

Communication:  Members of the unit staff will communicate with the squadron about weekly meetings and activities via the list server.  Please sign up immediately for the following two list servers.  
The web site for the list server is:      

Additional information from Virginia Wing will be sent on the VAWG email server. 
Go to , then Member Services to sign up for the VAWG-CADET. 

Web Sites: The Virginia Wing (VAWG) web site has a Cadet Programs link which will give you information regarding encampments, special activities, PT challenge, and scholarships available to CAP cadets. 

Orientation Flights (Free Airplane and Glider Rides for Cadets!):

Please view this pdf for more information: O-Flight FAQ Sheet for Parents

Our squadron has certain procedures that we would like you to follow when requesting an orientation flight. Please follow the instructions in this PDF to be assured you will get a chance for a flight! Memo- Cadet Orientation Flights

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