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Virginia Wing recommends the use of Google Hangouts Meet or Microsoft Teams to meet virtual meeting (voice, video, presentation) objectives. 

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Google Hangouts Meet
- Joining A Meeting
- Hosting A Meeting
- Collaborating During A Meeting
- How to Share Sound during a meeting
- Security Tips
- Presentation Tips
- Virtual Meeting Etiquette
- Closed Book Milestone Testing
- Microsoft Teams
- Technical Issues

Virginia Wing recommends that units do NOT use Zoom or Discord.

Google Hangouts Meet

The wing’s existing Google service includes Google Hangouts Meet which is the recommended tool for conducting remote meetings. Hangouts Meet provides the capability to share a screen and/or video to conduct your meeting. The service also includes a unique phone number for each meeting, which enables you to include up to 250 users dialing in for the audio portion of the meeting. This will be very useful for those in areas of Virginia with limited broadband. Users who host the meeting must have a VAWG Gmail account. 

Attendees do not require a VAWG account. Attendees do not require internet access either (phone call-ins permitted).  

Attendees can join your meeting from a computer, Android phone or iOS (Apple) phone or iPad.

Detailed instructions are available at this link 

A condensed version for joining and hosting meetings is provided below in this document.

The Google Meet software can be obtained at the following URLs.

Web Version:

Android Version:

iOS Apple:

Joining a Meeting  There are several ways to join a meeting. 

  • From Google Calendar.

Go to Google Calendar ( and click the event you want to join. Select “Join Hangouts Meeting”

Join Hangouts Meet

  • From Gmail: Click the meeting link in the email. Select “Join Hangouts Meeting”

Join Hangouts Meet

  • From the Meet Google site.

From a browser: Enter  in your Chrome Browser. Either join a scheduled meeting or enter the meeting code from the invite you recieved.

Start a meeting from web

  • From Your Mobile Device--From your mobile device: Open the Calendar Event or meeting invite to dial in from a phone on your Android or Apple® iOS® mobile device.

Hosting a Meeting  There are several ways to host a meeting. 

Schedule a meeting from your Google Calendar.

Go to Google Calendar ( and create an event and use the “Add Conferencing” feature of the meeting.

Create events: name the meeting, enter date and time, invite guests, and manage details

Start a meeting directly from the Meet Google site.

From a browser: Enter  in your Chrome Browser.

Start a meeting from web

From Your Mobile Device--From your mobile device: Open the Meet app on your Android or Apple® iOS® mobile device.

Start videoconferencing on mobile

Collaborating During a Meeting

How to play sound over Google Meet? Click here. 

Security Tips

1. Recurring meetings pose a risk, once the url/meeting code/ phone number & pin combination become public, it is open. Recommend scheduling new meeting links for each use. 
2.  Use your personal VAWG Google Calendar to create the meeting link, but do not post the link publicly (or on any calendars) as this would then be accessible to the public. 
3. Do not send the invitation to a Google Group (e.g. va001-cadets @ as the invite will not propagate properly (each group has its own calendar), send it to individual email addresses. 
4. Members should use their VAWG accounts to the maximum extent possible. Any participant is able to grant someone access trying to join from outside of the organization. If you can designate a moderator (depending on the size of the meeting) to validate each individual that is in the meeting (and track attendance), it is highly encouraged. 
5. Google does not reveal the full telephone number for call-in users. Call-in users identities should be verified. 
6. For prospective members and visitors, it is recommended to collect what email and or phone they will use to join the meeting (e.g. through a Google Form) in advance so you can verify their identity. 
7. The audit logs provided by Google focus on call quality more than auditing. Chat logs are not kept. VAWG/IT can provide access upon request. 

Presentation Tips

1. For seminars, use a Google Form to collect those who are interested and send any materials that may be needed in advance. 
2. Do not forget to keep an attendance roster, record home units to count for credit for the Commander's Challenge. Wing-wide seminars will be recorded by the seminar leader, unit meetings should be reported by the unit (link on the challenge webpage). 
3. While presenting, you cannot share slides and monitor the Hangouts chat at the same time. Recommendation - login with two devices, so one shares the screen and the other you can interact with the chat. Be sure to mute the microphone, camera, and speaker of the second device. 
4. If members receive a message saying the meeting is full, they should check that they are using their VAWG account to access the room, some browsers default to a personal gmail account. In the upper-right hand corner, they can click on the round circle to switch Google accounts. 

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Click here for virtual meeting etiquette tips (thanks Prince William Composite Squadron!). 

Closed Book Milestone Testing

Virginia Wing recommends the use of Google Chrome Remote Desktop and Google Hangouts Meet to accomplish remote closed book milestone testing. 

1. Ensure you have parent permission to remotely access a cadet's computer. 
2. Prior to the test session, the proctor and cadet should install the latest version of Google Chrome on their computers. The cadet shall install the Chrome Remote Desktop plugin provided through on their computer. 
3. The proctor shall initiate a Google Hangouts Meet from through their Google account with the cadet. If a parent is present, a second senior member is not required. 
4. Once the video conference is established, the proctor should request the cadet to pan the camera around the room to verify there are no books, notes, or materials present.
5. The cadet will go to and click on “Get Support”. This will generate a one-time-use code (expires in 5 minutes) and provide it to the proctor via messaging (chat function in the Meet). 
6. The proctor will establish a remote desktop session to the cadet’s computer. The cadet shall sign-in to e-Services, navigate to the milestone test, open it, and the proctor can input their credentials as appropriate to start the exam.
7. The proctor will be able to continuously view the cadet taking the test through video and the remote desktop session. If the connection drops, the cadet should be instructed to log off and the test will need to be restarted.

Microsoft Teams

Virginia Wing cannot support additional transitions to the Office 365 environment at this time but expect to have the capability in the near future. 

Technical Issues

If you are trying to connect to a Google Meet using the Edge browser, please note that you must manually download and install version 80. This manual process is required as the upgrade is not currently a part of automatic windows updates. 

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