VAWG Email Groups

VAWG Email Groups

[all-][<unit, e.g., princewilliam or va102 or group3>-]<designator, e.g., it for IT officers>

[] – optional items; <> placeholder for appropriate text

“all-” is not valid if the unit is a squadron.

Example 1: you wish to contact all Personnel Officers in Group 2 and subordinate units. You use: You type this address in the bcc: line to avoid an inadvertent reply-to-all from spamming everyone else’s inbox.

Example 2: you wish to contact the Personnel Officers on the Group 2 staff, but not those assigned to subordinate units. You use:


Virginia Wing Apps provides several types of email groups which allow members and the public to communicate. Currently these groups use the email address recorded in e-services as a members primary contact email.

Types of Groups

These groups include:

  • Duty Position: accessible by the public, these groups provide an “alias” to members in specific duty positions.
  • Specialty Track: accessible by VAWG Apps users as well as members of the groups themselves, these groups provide access to VAWG Members enrolled in specified specialty tracks.
  • Member Achievement: Like specialty track groups, except designated by member achievement.
  • Custom: self explanatory.

Roll-up Groups

Roll-up groups aggregate the groups above to facilitate mass communications. Sending to these groups is limited to VAWG Apps users and members of the groups themselves to cut down on spam.

How to Use

To use the groups you need to know the unit name or charter number and the “designator” of the group. The unit name is the unique part of the squadron name without the spaces, type of squadron, or the word “squadron”. The designator is the office symbol for duty positions. You’ll construct the email address of the group as follows: {unit name or charter}-{designator} For example, or Wing level groups require no unit name, for example,

If you need to contact more than one unit, you can add the prefix “all-” as follows: will reach all the DP Officers in Group 2. will reach all DP Officers in the Wing. (DP isn’t a real duty position, just a placeholder so we avoid spam).

CAUTION: please only use “all-” groups in the bcc: line to avoid unnecessary email conversations with the entire wing. Email addressees should be limited to the people who need to be part of your conversation.

NOTE: If you’re a Senior Member and you get an error message while trying to contact cadets in your squadron, it’s because you are not using a email address.  

Current Groups

Duty Position: Members who hold the corresponding duty position. Wing Directors of the duty position are also included at the applicable level.

  • “AE” – Aerospace Education Officer
  • “CC” – Commander
  • “CDC” – Director of Cadet Programs and Deputy Commander for Cadets
  • “CDI” – Character Development Instructor
  • “CDS” – Vice Commander, Deputy Commander, and Deputy Commander for Seniors
  • “COMMS” – Communication Officer, Communications Engineering Officer, Communications Training Officer
  • “DA” – Administrative Officer
  • “DDR” – Drug Demand Reduction Officer
  • “DO” – Operations Officer
  • “DOS” – Emergency Services Officer, Emergency Services Training Officer, Search and Rescue Officer, Homeland Security Officer, Disaster Preparedness Officer, Alerting Officer
  • “DOV” – Standardization and Evaluation Officer
  • “DP” – Personnel Officer
  • “FM” – Finance Officer
  • “GRA” – Government Relations Advisor
  • “HC” – Chaplain
  • “HO” – Historian
  • “HS” – Health Services Officer
  • “IT” – Information Technology Officer
  • “LGM” – Maintenance Officer
  • “LGS” – Supply Officer
  • “LGT” – Transportation Officer
  • “PA” – Public Affairs Officer
  • “PDO” – Professional Development Officer
  • “RRO” – Recruiting and Retention Officer
  • “SE” – Safety Officer

Specialty Track: Members who are enrolled in the corresponding speciality track.

  • “CP-Track” – Cadet Programs
  • “ITO-Track” – Information Technology

Member Achievement: Members who are qualified on a specific speciality.

  • “AP” – Airborne Photographer Qualified Member
  • “AP-Trainees” – Airborne Photographer Trainees
  • “AOBD” – Air Operations Branch Director
  • “AOBD-Trainees” – Air Operations Branch Director Trainees
  • "CFI" - CAP Flight Instructors
  • "CheckPilot" - Form 5 Check Pilots
  • “CUL” – Communications Unit Leader
  • “CUL-Trainees” – Communications Unit Leader Trainees
  • “FASC” – Finance/Admin Section Chief
  • “FASC-Trainees” – Finance/Admin Section Chief Trainees
  • “FLM” – Flight Line Marshaller
  • “FLM-Trainees” – Flight Line Marshaller Trainees
  • “GBD” – Ground Branch Director
  • “GBD-Trainees” – Ground Branch Director Trainees
  • “GES” – General Emergency Services Qualified Member
  • “GTL” – Ground Team Leader Qualified Member
  • “GTL-Trainees” – Ground Team Leader Trainees
  • “GTM” – Ground Team Member
  • “GTM-Trainees” – Ground Team Member Trainee
  • “GTM1” – Ground Team Member Level 1
  • “IC” – Incident Commander
  • “IC-Trainees” – Incident Commander Trainee
  • “LO” – Liaison Officer
  • “LO-Trainees” – Liaison Officer Trainees
  • “LSC” – Logistics Section Chief
  • “LSC-Trainees” – Logistics Section Chief Trainees
  • “MC” – Mission Chaplain
  • “MC-Trainees” – Mission Chaplain Trainees
  • "MissionCheckPilot" - Mission Check Pilots
  • “MO” – Mission Observer
  • “MO-Trainees” – Mission Observer Trainees
  • “MP” – MP SAR/DR Mission Pilot
  • “MP-Trainees” – MP SAR/DR Mission Pilot Trainees
  • “MRO” – Mission Radio Operator
  • “MRO-Trainees” – Mission Radio Operator Trainees
  • “MS” – Mission Scanners
  • “MS-Trainees” – Mission Scanner Trainees
  • “MSA” – Mission Staff Assistant
  • “MSA-Trainees” – Mission Staff Assistant Trainees
  • "OrientationPilots" - Orientation Ride Pilots
  • “OSC” – Operations Section Chief
  • “OSC-Trainees” – Operations Section Chief Trainees
  • “PIO” – Public Information Officer
  • “PIO-Trainees” – Public Information Officer Trainees
  • “PSC” – Planning Section Chief
  • “PSC-Trainees” – Planning Section Chief Trainees
  • “TMP” – Transport Mission Pilots
  • “TMP-Trainees” – Transport Mission Pilot Trainees
  • “UDF” – UDF Qualified Member
  • “UDF-Trainees” – Urban Direction Finding Team Trainees
  • “VFRPilots” – VFR Qualified Pilots

Custom: Seniors, Cadets, HQ (wing staff)

  • “Cadets” – Cadet and Cadet Parent email addresses
  • “Seniors” – Senior member email addresses
  • “HQ” – Wing Staff

Unsubscribing from VAWG Emails

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Please contact the IT Officer at your unit with any further questions.