Virginia Wing email distribution lists include all current members of our wing. If you have decided to leave Civil Air Patrol, we are sorry to see you go and grateful for the time you've spent with us. 

If you would like to stop receiving our emails, here are three ways you can accomplish this:
  1. Request that your unit commander transfer you to VA-000, a "virtual unit" for those who are leaving or inactive.
  2. Obtain a VAWG Apps Account by clicking here, list that email address as your primary email contact in e-services, then simply don’t check it. 
  3. Email your unit commander and request to voluntarily resign your membership. See CAPR 35-3 for details. Voluntary resignations do not adversely impact your ability to re-join if later you choose to do so. If you don't know your unit commander's email address, you can use, where XXX is your unit charter number (a three-digit number like 024, 040, 102, or 135). 
Thank you again for volunteering with us. You are always welcome to rejoin as your schedule permits!