We have a place for you. . . mission observer, communications specialist, media relations, personnel, safety, teaching cadets, training. . . and many more. More than likely, there is a unit near your home waiting for you to join.

INITIAL CADET MEMBERSHIP: All applicants for cadet membership must meet the following prerequisites:
1. Twelve years old (or attending 6th grade) through 18 years old.
2. Enrolled in or graduated from a public or private school or college with a satisfactory record of academic achievement.
3. Not married.
4. Not a member of the active duty Armed Forces.
5. United States citizen or alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S..
6. Good moral character.

INITIAL SENIOR MEMBERSHIP: All applicants for senior membership must meet the following prerequisites:
1. Possess the desire, willingness, and capability to promote the objectives and purposes of Civil Air Patrol.
2. Must be at least 18 years old. Active duty members of the Armed Forces can join CAP as a senior member at any age.
3. United States citizen or alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the U.S..
4. No felony conviction by any court of record whether federal, state or military.
5. No pattern of arrests and/or convictions including but not limited to sex offenses, child abuse, Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI), dishonesty and violence.
6. If you were previously in the active duty military, you must have been discharged under honorable conditions.



REWARDS & RECOGNITION As a CAP volunteer, your rewards are not monetary, but they are as tangible as money in the bank. Nothing compares to the sense of satisfaction that comes with a job well done, particularly if that job is saving lives or aiding communities. As a CAP member, you will be recognized as a vital member of a national team with a tremendous heritage of serving those in need and doing it well. Advancement in Civil Air Patrol is clearly visible to your friends, family and business associates by the distinctive CAP uniforms with their military-style grade insignia, ribbons and badges. Some members choose to quietly serve and not wear a uniform.

TRAINING Civil Air Patrol offers aerospace education and a wide variety of leadership and technical training opportunities for all CAP members, including Air Force correspondence courses. Special training is also conducted for those participating in search and rescue as mission pilots, observers or ground team members. Communications training is highly specialized and presents unique opportunities to network with other communicators from around the country. These new skills, and the self-confidence that goes with them, make you even more valuable in the workplace and in other community activities.

UNIFORMS Civil Air Patrol members are easily recognized in the community since they wear a variety of distinctive uniforms. Since CAP is the official US Air Force auxiliary, members are also authorized to wear the Air Force uniform with distinguishing CAP badges and insignia. Wearing Air Force blue is a tremendous way to publicly demonstrate support and affiliation with this branch of our Armed Forces.

MEETINGS AND CONVENTIONS CAP members gather regularly at meetings and conventions around the country. There is also a national convention held in a different city every year. Air travel to and from the convention may be provided by the Air Force if available.

INTERNATIONAL CADET EXCHANGE PROGRAM (IACE) Each year a limited number of cadets and senior member escorts travel to a variety of foreign countries as part of an aviation cadet exchange program to further a program of international goodwill and understanding.

CAP SUPPLY DEPOT Civil Air Patrol operates a depot in Amarillo, Texas, which carries a large stock of aircraft parts and equipment at discount to members for their own aircraft. Communications equipment of all kinds is also available.

RENTAL CAR DISCOUNTS The Hertz Corporation offers rental car discounts to CAP members for both business and pleasure travel. A special Hertz identification card is furnished to each member upon request. Rates and discounts may be obtained by calling Hertz at 1-800-654-3131.

CIVIL AIR PATROL VISA CREDIT CARD The CAP affinity VISA card offers senior members and the parents of cadets an opportunity to apply for a credit card that actually supports CAP. Each time the card is used in a transaction, a donation is made by the bank to support CAP. The CAP emblem and the memberís grade are embossed on the front of this distinctive credit card.

TAX BENEFITS As a Federally chartered non-profit organization, Civil Air Patrol is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. This entitles members to claim various expenses as charitable contributions. These include:
Membership dues
Expenses for uniforms and training materials
Out of pocket expenses while participating in CAP activities
Mileage on personal vehicles
Travel and living expenses while participating in CAP activities

To find a Unit in Virginia near you use the Squadron Locator , if they do not have an active web page you can call:
1-800-FLY-2338 or contact Virginia Wing Headquarters at  804-743-2220.

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