COVID19 Response

Virginia Wing Guidance on COVID-19 Response

Virginia Wing Instructions on COVID-19 Response

Executive Summary

SITUATION:  In response to community spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends social distancing measures, including avoiding large gatherings, while minimizing social and economic impacts.  The purpose is to keep from overwhelming the medical services by reducing the peak demand (flatten the curve). Virginia Wing guidance allows for decisions to be made for each meeting and activity, based on disease transmission risk and timing.

COMMANDER’S STATEMENT:  We have a number of members who are in the high risk category for this virus and we need to be careful for their health.  We will be making the tough calls on our activities based on timing, funds and exposure of our members. Mission essential operations will continue and we will maintain our mission readiness for the Commonwealth and the Nation.  


  1. ALL in-person meetings/activities are cancelled through 10 June 2020, to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order #55 and CAP/CC memos on 14 Mar and 7 Apr 2020.  Only mission essential operations authorized by NHQ are permitted through 11 May 2020.  

  2. We will continue real world emergency services missions.

  3. During authorized operations listed above, the following guidelines apply:

    1. Decisions will be made using risk analysis, with the objectives of protecting our most valuable resource (our members) while ensuring missions continue. 

    2. Follow the CDC hygiene guidance.  Do not participate in-person if sick and have a fever, shortness of breath and/or a cough. Stay home until symptom-free and fever-free for a full 72 hours.

    3. Clean commonly touched surfaces (including door handles, knobs, steering wheels and aircraft high-touch surfaces like control yokes, radio knobs, switches, visors, etc.) before and after each use to limit the potential for exposure.

  4. Online meetings and activities are encouraged to allow members to enhance readiness, keep working towards goals and to maintain unit cohesion. Character Development forums may be presented online if within the guidance sent by the Chief of Chaplains.

  5. Orientation flights are suspended until after the Virginia Governor lifts the “stay at home order” (currently through 10 June 2020) and the CAP/CC authorizes the resumption of CAP cadet, AFJROTC, and AFROTC orientation flights.

  6. Cadet flight instruction is suspended until after CAP/CC lifts the Full Stop issued on 4 April 2020.  This includes instruction in CAP aircraft and where a vendor is paid by CAP.

  7. Internal messaging to wing members and cadet parents will be utilizing the established page: Refer media requests to

  8. Prior to 10 Jun 2020, additional guidance will be issued for resumption of meetings and activities under limited or full schedules, as appropriate at that time.

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Jacob Bixler,
Mar 12, 2020, 11:41 AM