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2020 Virginia Wing Commander's Challenge Results 

Unit Challenge

1st Place – Langley Composite Squadron

2nd Place – Tidewater Composite Squadron

3rd Place – Winchester Composite Squadron


Commander's Choice Photo Contest 

1st Place – Lt Col Scott Nicholsen of Leesburg Composite Squadron – Leesburg Airshow Cadet Operations Staff

2nd Place – C/Capt Kathryn Baylor of Hanover Composite Squadron – Memorial Day Parade (featuring Cadet Upshur)   

3rd Place – C/CMSgt Samuel Ten of Burke Composite Squadron – Encampment (featuring Cadet Roose)   


People's Choice Photo Contest (most likes as recorded at the end of the contest on 4/23)

1st Place – 1st Lt Tamara Munger of Newport News – Orientation Flight (featuring Cadet Spain), with 163 likes

2nd Place – C/2d Lt Chloe Ireland of Southside – Dining Services (featuring C/CMSgt Cole Ireland)

3rd Place – Mr. Richard Upshur, parent at Hanover – Honor Guard (featuring C/Capt Rachel Upshur)


Essay Contest

Winner - C/2d Lt Annabelle Towles, from Fredericksburg Composite Squadron, with her essay on Gene Kranz, lead flight director for the Apollo 13 mission



7-8th Grade:

1st Place – C/SSgt Maxyn Hallare, from Newport News Composite Squadron, with her project “Using Holmann Tranfers Orbit for Mars Launches”

2nd Place – C/SSgt Mateo Manwaring, from Minuteman Composite Squadron, with his project “Building Rockets and Measuring Max Altitude”


9-11 Grade:

1st Place – C/CMSgt Zion Twum, from Fredericksburg Composite Squadron, with his project “Ring Wing Airplanes”

2nd Place – C/2d Lt Annabelle Towles, from Fredericksburg Composite Squadron, with her project “Maximizing performance of hot air balloons”



All units participated in at least some aspects of the challenge!

20 Yeager Awards earned

548 Cadet tests attempted

492 Cadet tests passed

1205 days of cadet PT (push ups and sit ups)

189 attended ES training

67 total GES, CAPT117s, FEMA, and FAA Wings completed

24 Seniors completed Level 1 or the academics for a specialty track rating

330 SM workshop completions

26 completed O365 training classes

2,721 days of walking or other exercise

In total, VAWG walked a total of 6,037 miles plus another 1,705 hours of other exercise.


Top scores by category:

Yeager Award:  100% of Langley senior members complete!

AE Class Attendance: Winchester

Leadership Class Attendance:  Carolyn A. Guertin

Character Development Forum Attendance: Carolyn A. Guertin

Cadet Achievement Testing:  Langley (max both categories)

Cadet Physical Fitness: Tidewater

ES Training: Minuteman

ICUT Training: Wallops

ES Online:  Roanoke

SM Specialty Tracks: Burke

SM Training: Langley and Tidewater, both with max points

Safety: Langley

Walk to Mars: Langley

Office 365: Burke


We had members throughout the wing step up to teach online classes for the entire wing, a few examples being Mission Scanner, SLS, CLC, TLC, sUAS, and Mission Staff Assistant.  Leesburg converted their new pilot workshop to online early on, with attendance from all parts of the state.  


Special thanks to the following individuals for managing scoring or judging for portions of the event, and all of the members who helped create the Challenge or served as judges.


Lt Col Liz Sydow

Lt Col CJ Muncy

Lt Col Bruce Munger

Maj Jacob Bixler

Maj Greg Fletcher