Virginia Wing Commander’s Challenge



Purpose: to encourage participation and increase camaraderie among the wing during the meeting and activity standdown.

The Virginia Wing Commander is issuing a challenge to squadrons to remain active in CAP and continue to interact during the upcoming months when in-person meetings and activities are suspended.  Focusing on what we can accomplish will help to mitigate disruption from our normal routines. Units and members are encouraged to find creative ways to interact remotely, continue to advance their education and training, and pursue healthy ways to manage stress.  As such, this challenge will provide a friendly competition to encourage activity in all aspects of CAP.


  1. Provide regular contact with members

  2. Maintain unit schedules

  3. Advance education and training

  4. Continue individual advancement and promotions

  5. Promote a healthy lifestyle

The challenge runs from 3/14/20 through 5/11/20, except where noted.

All members are encouraged to participate in eligible areas.

Any fitness activities should be within a member’s known physical abilities and take into account any medical restrictions.


Detailed information and score tracking will be updated on the wing website.


This challenge is for all units below group level.  Rally together as a unit to earn points! It includes both individual and unit activities and is set up so units of any size can compete.  Earn points for attending squadron online classes, taking ES classes, attending workshops, walking, and more!


  • Aerospace

  • Cadet Programs

    • Participation in squadron’s online leadership class (once per 4-week period), reported by the unit.

    • Participation in a Character Development Forum (once per 4-week period), reported by the unit

    • Achievement Testing

      • Credit for attempting and for passing

      • DCP will determine credit from the eServices report.

    • PT test elements: credit for daily fitness habits, self-reported for each period.

  • Operations/Emergency Services

    • Flight crew and sUAS training or participation in online ES training or workshops

      • Training must be open and advertised to the wing

      • CV will manage the calendar of approved events

    • ICUT online portion completion

    • GES tests (CAPT 116 and each 117 part), FEMA courses & FAA Wings Courses

    • Individuals report online (GES, FEMA, and FAA Wings) courses and flight crew training and workshop leaders report attendance, both in the online report.

  • Senior Training

    • Completion of specialty track requirements (that don’t require set time or in-person)

    • Attendance at specialty workshops (e.g. PA, AE, CP phone workshop)

      • Training must be open to and advertised to the wing

      • CV will manage the calendar of approved events

      • Workshop leaders will report attendance by unit

    • Level 1 completions

    • Individuals report specialty track and Level 1 completion and workshop leaders report attendance, both in the online report.

  • Other (safety, fitness, etc)

    • Squadron monthly training percentage for March and April

      • Must be reported in SIRS no later than the last day of the month.  Percentage does not adjust for late entries, nor will the points.

      • Includes squadron safety briefing participation and online safety courses in eServices

    • Walk to Mars

      • Details are on CAP’s Walk to Mars page, but entries will be made as described below.  Do not enter on both the Walk to Mars page and in the VAWG spreadsheet or distance will be double counted for the Walk to Mars.

      • Members can walk, count steps, or do other activities for points. Minimum exercise is 1 mile or 15 minutes of exercise per day for credit for the challenge. The VAWG Commander’s Challenge counts the number of days of activity per person, while CAP’s Walk to Mars counts distance travelled, or equivalent.

      • Members will use the provided spreadsheet to track for each 4-week period then submit to their unit.  Submissions must be electronic in a digital format so that units can combine files.  

        • Save a copy of the Excel File using the Download button, or 

        • File>Make a Copy the Google Sheet and save to your drive

      • Units will combine spreadsheets for a total unit submission showing each date and member.  Units may choose to have members update a unit file, as long as the submission to wing follows the same column format.  

      • Units submit combined spreadsheet to

      • VAWG will count participation days for the Challenge and submit a bulk update for distance to the national program.

      • After the Challenge ends, members are encouraged to continue the Walk and submit their participation directly to CAP’s Walk to Mars

    • Office 365 online training (

      • Several modules are available related to Office 365 - click on Microsoft Digital Skills Center next to the search box - Teams for Nonprofits, Excel for Nonprofits, Word for Nonprofits, Powerpoint for Nonprofits, are just a few example courses available.

      • Cadets under age 13 must get parental approval to create a training account.

      • Self-report course completion in the online module.


  • Event 1:  Photo contest

    • Submit your best CAP photos from 2019

    • Open to cadets and seniors

    • Maximum of 3 entries per person

    • Winning photos may be published by the wing in various forums, including social media, the wing website, and marketing materials

    • Wing reserves the right not to publish any inappropriate entries

    • Prize: One $25 Vanguard gift certificate for the first place in two possible categories:

      • Commander’s Choice -  Selected by panel of judges

      • People’s Choice - Selected by number of facebook “likes” 

  • Event 2:  Essay contest 

    • Joint effort between Cadet Programs, Chaplain, and Diversity Officer. 

    • Discuss qualities or characteristics of resilience that are important in weathering uncertain times. 

      • Select a role model (historic figure, CAP member or other person) who demonstrated resilience and discuss qualities or characteristics that helped them weather a time of difficulty. 

      • Discuss a time when your squadron dealt with difficulty and displayed resilience.  What were some of the aspects that helped them through that time?

      • Tell about a time when you dealt with adversity and remained resilient.  What were the key factors that carried you through?

    • Separate categories for cadets and seniors

    • 300-500 words

    • Ends 4/26/20 at 2359 EDT

    • $25 Vanguard gift certificate for winning essay in each category

    • Recognize top 3 essays in each category

    • Submit completed essay to
  • Event 3:  STEM Fair

    • Conduct an investigative study using a project from the AE materials

    • Rules:

      • Project should related to CAP AE and/or the Space Program

      • Projects are individual cadet submissions 

      • Topic submission/registration due 15 April at this link

      • Additional details are available here

      • Seniors and parents may mentor, but may not do the work.

      • Entries due 5/10/20

    • Prizes are listed in the STEM Fair page