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Virginia Wing Alerting and Dispatch Process

As missions require, Virginia Wing will utilize a wing level alerting and dispatch process to deploy personnel and mission resources into the field environment. Under NO circumstance should members self-deploy to a mission without the authorization of the assigned incident commander or their designee.

In the event that a member is asked to provide support for an emergency service mission or encounters a situation where CAP could potentially be utilized as a support agency, members should immediately contact the Wing Duty Officer, Director of Operations, or Director of Emergency Services. These individuals and selected wing command staff members are the ONLY personnel authorized to commit CAP resources to actual "REDCAP" ES missions.

VAWG Mission Alerting Process

Under most circumstances, the wing will utilize both the RAINED OUT text messaging system and EMAIL distribution lists to notify VAWG members of active REDCAP missions. A REDCAP mission is a high priority Air Force Assigned mission which either includes a Search and Rescue objective or other high-priority tasking related to support for an external customer.

Generally speaking, REDCAP notification messages will direct members to indicate their availability for deployment in support of mission activities via the appropriate Availability Form, located at the bottom of the main VAWG website (pictured below)

Below the Wing Alert Level Status Bar, there are two links: "MISSION AVAILABILITY" and "TRAINING AVAILABILITY".

For deployment in support of REAL-WORLD REDCAP Missions, members should use the 

For participation in SCHEDULED TRAINING EXERCISES, members should use the 

Both forms are similar in nature and are designed to collect the necessary information for mission staff to build teams and aircrews in support of mission or training objectives. Please note that the MISSION form has a red background while the TRAINING form has a blue background.

Once you have input your information, NO ADDITIONAL ACTION is required on your part, except to prepare your personal gear for possible deployment and to STANDBY for additional instructions.

In many instances, although you may have indicated availability to support a mission, you may not be called out. This may be due to a number of reasons including the needs of the mission, the response time you indicated, the availability (or lack thereof) for members or resources in your immediate area, your level of experience, or other factors. Please do not be discouraged.

VAWG Mission Dispatch Process

If you are determined by the mission staff to be the best suited resource, you will be contacted with additional information related to your assignment.


Once you are informed by mission staff that you have been assigned to the mission, you fall under the direct control of the Incident Commander or their designee. Mission staff has operational control of members in the field and all coordination of member activity and tracking/reporting should be made through the appropriate mission staff officer, including requested notifications (Ops normal/status checks and "home safely" messages).