Wing-Level Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Virginia Wing Cadet Programs makes scholarships and financial assistance available to Virginia Wing cadets. Scholarships are available based on merit and financial assistance is available based on need

There are five options available:
  • Flight - VAWG will award flight scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to selected cadets. (applications due 8 December 2019). 
  • Feir First-Flight Scholarship - VAWG will award $250 to 4 cadets - click here for full details. (applications due 8 December 2019).  
  • NCSA - VAWG will award national cadet special activity scholarships or financial assistance to selected cadets.  (summer applications due 1 January 2020). 
  • Encampment - VAWG will award scholarships or financial assistance to selected cadets. 
  • Wing Activities - VAWG will award scholarships or financial assistance to selected cadets. 
Please review the Fiscal Year 2020 Scholarship and Financial Assistance Procedures on specifics and procedures on how aid and scholarships will be awarded and dispersed.  

To apply, click on the link below. *VAWG Account Required*
Link now open as of 1 October 2019:

*If you don't have a Virginia Wing Apps account, you may obtain one by clicking here.
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National Level - National Headquarters has also helped Virginia Wing members earn thousands of dollars worth of financial assistance to attend college, flight training, or other special activities. CAP provides multiple scholarship opportunities - see each category for its due date - they open 1 Oct


Past National Headquarters Recipients 

Past VAWG Scholarship Awards

2019 NCSA - $250.00
  • Bennett, Andrew, C/1st Lt
  • Zarling, Lucas, C/CMSgt
  • Lankford, Noah, C/SMSgt
  • Kricheldorf, Michael, C/MSgt

2019 NCSA - $500.00
  • Sharp, John, C/Lt Col
  • Bennett, Deannah, C/Capt
  • Matthew, Ranger, C/CMSgt

2019 Flight - $2,000.00
  • Demyanovich, Julie, C/Lt Col
  • Gibson, Joan, C/2d Lt
  • Morrison, Maggie, C/2d Lt

2018 Flight - $1,000.00
  • Black, Mary, C/Col
  • Demyanovich, Julie, C/Lt Col
  • Kirkpatrick, Joshua, C/Lt Col
  • Phillips, Andrew, C/Capt

2017 Flight - $1,000.00
  • Brewster, Sarah, C/Maj
  • Demyanovich, Julie, C/LtCol
  • Hatfield, Nathaniel, C/2dLt
  • Mogili, Abhishek, C/Maj
  • Rutan, Isaac, C/1stLt
  • Sweat, Justin, C/Maj
  • Swindell, John, C/Capt