Wing Financial Assistance

Virginia Wing makes financial assistance available to Virginia Wing cadets. There are three forms of assistance:
  • Encampment - VAWG will waive registration fees for cadets awarded assistance. Apply for VAWG assistance by applying for Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) through e-services.
  • Cadet Special Activities, including NCSAs - apply using the Google Form (link below) by 2 April 2017. Cadets indicate one of four priority levels and submit information on their CAP career. The award determination will be based on a combination of need and demonstrated leadership. Priority levels are as follows:
    • 1st Priority Cadets: My family has a real need for assistance because: My parent or guardian has been unemployed or worked only part-time during the past 12 months; our family participates in the SNAP, WIC, School Lunch, Title 1 School, or HUD public housing program; a parent, guardian, or sibling receives Social Security disability benefits; OR we are a single parent household.
    • 2nd Priority Cadets: Our family has limited resources and financial support would help because: Our family has two or more cadets enrolled in CAP, these activities would be a special expense that we can't easily budget for; or we've experienced some financial challenges recently.
    • 3rd Priority Cadets: Due to other priorities, I likely will not be able to participate in this activity without some financial assistance.
    • None of the above choices are applicable to me.
  • Flight - apply using the same Google Form by 11 December 2016. 
The cadet's squadron commander or deputy commander for cadets will review the information submitted and approve or disapprove. Approved requests will then be considered by the financial assistance committee. 

For details on how the financial assistance will be disbursed, please review the 2017 Virginia Wing Financial Assistance Program memorandum.  

To apply, click on the link below (have your CAP records handy as you'll need to tell us about your activities, academics, and awards). YOU MUST USE YOUR VAWG ACCOUNT*: 

*If you don't have a Virginia Wing Apps account, you may obtain one by clicking here.