Quality Cadet Unit Award

You can find information on how your unit can qualify for the Quality Cadet Unit Award by clicking here.

Changes for 2018
  • Wright Brothers has increased to 45%
  • Encampment has increased to 55%
  • Outside activities re-defined to include CyberPatriot, Team America Rocketry Challenge, Stellar Explorers, or hosting a Red Ribbon Leadership Academy
Changes for 2017
  • Deleted: DDRX
  • Harder: 1st Year Retention Criteria is now 50%
  • Added: GES - 60% of Cadets GES-qualified
Here are a few tips:

Aerospace Excellence / Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Kits
  • The AEX or STEM completion constitute one criteria. Achievement of either of these constitutes one of six required criteria.
  • The Aerospace Excellence (AEX) Award period is 1 Oct - 30 September, but the QCUA AEX criteria is evaluated as of the end of August. Therefore, your AE Officer (AE) will need to report completion of your AEX elements no later than the end of August (VAWG recommends 15 August).
  • Details on the AEX program are found at the CAP AE website under Aerospace Education Excellence (AEX) Program for Seniors, although AEX is applicable to cadets as well.
  • As an alternative, your unit can complete a single STEM kit and submit an after action report. You can find details here.
 Red Ribbon Leadership Academy
  • Red Ribbon Leadership Academy (RRLA) provides a complete syllabus, including lesson plans, for  a 3-hour program led by your high-school age cadets and presented to middle school students on leadership. RRLA can double as a recruiting event.
  • Your DDR Officer enters credit for RRLA through the DDRx after action reporting module, checking the RRLA block.