VAWG Cadet Competition Training Weekend 

Date:           4-6 October 2019
Location:    Raptor Town, Joint Base Langley-Eustis
                     Hampton, VA

2020 VAWG Cadet Competition

Date:            21-23 February 2020
Location:     Raptor Town, Joint Base Langley-Eustis
                     Hampton, VA

Director:     SMSgt Marco Soave

Purpose:             To select the two team that will represent Virginia Wing at the Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) competition scheduled for April 2020 at Ft Pickett, VA

Method:               Teams from units in VAWG will compete in selected activities that may be encountered                                 during the National Cadet Competition.

Rules of
Engagement:         1.    All competition events will conform with CAPP 52-4.
                                 2.    Registration can be either as a unit team or as individuals.  Cadets registering as                                     individuals will be assigned to a competitive team prior to event.
                                 3.    Judging will be accomplished by VAWG Staff personnel and U.S. Air Force                                                 personnel.
                                 4.    All official rules, equipment requirements, and administrative items will be                                                 published on this webpage no later than 48 hours after registration closes
                                 5.    Final schedule will be published on this webpage prior to competition to allow units                                 to attend events in support of their respective team. 
                                 6.    Final Standings in individual categories and the final overall ranking will be                                                 published on this site.

2020 Events

To Be Announced


2019:   1st Place - Newport News Composite Squadron
             2nd Place - Burke Composite Squadron (VA-130)

2018:   Coastal Composite Squadron (VA-095)
             (VAWG  Representative to MAR)

2017:   1st Place - Team Alpha - Coastal Composite
             Squadron (VA-095)
             2nd Place - Team Delta - Winchester (VA-040)                     
             & Danville Composite Squadron (VA-023) 

2015:   1st Place - Danville Composite Squadron (VA-023)

2019 Cadet Competition

Photos from the 2019 competition

Photos from the 2017 competition. News release from 2017. 

Photos from the 2015 competition