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Cadet Advisory Council

The 2019-2020 Virginia Wing Cadet Advisory Council Wing Positions:

WCAC ChairC/Lt Col William Heppding
WCAC Vice ChairC/Capt Elianna Dickens
WCAC RecorderC/CMSgt Aaron Hayman
RCAC RepC/Lt Col Julia McGee
RCAC Asst RepC/2nd Lt Cyrus Rodriguez


The cadet advisory council (CAC), according to CAPR 60-1 Chapter 7, has three main purposes:
  1. Provide a forum where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels. 
  2. Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the cadet program.
  3. Make recommendations to the commander for improving and running the cadet program.
Cadets ranking from NCO and higher are encouraged to volunteer serving a term on the CAC. Composite and cadet squadrons appoint two representatives, one primary and one assistant, to represent their squadron at the wing council. (CAPR 60-1

The cadet advisory council term of office aligns with the fiscal year, 1 October - 30 September (CAPR 60-1 7.2.4). Cadets should be appointed to the CAC between 1 August and 15 September annually via duty assignment module in eServices. 

Cadets appointed to the CAC may serve a maximum of 36-months at a single echelon. The suggested best practice is for the cadet to serve one year as an assistant representative, one year as a primary representative, and one year as chair or vice chair, if selected for a leadership role (CAPR 60-1 7.2.3).

CAPP 52-19, Cadet Advisory Council Guide, provides additional guidance on how the CAC works, including specific duty assignments, processes, and responsibilities. Leadership in Committee - provides training materials for CAC representatives. Check out the National CAC's Facebook page.

Learn more about the CAC at national's webpage

If you have a Virginia Wing apps account, you can view the wing CAC's file repository here